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We Are Secret Keepers

The ​Hidden Movement is the newest movement launched by Tabitha's TEA Party, a faith based non profit organization created to do good, help the poor, and empower women to rise from dead places. 

This movement is designed to first help women embrace their secret place in God. Sometimes being hidden is lonely and can make you feel overlooked or insignificant, but we have also found that being hidden is also a form of protection and a time to prepare for your proper time to launch. The Secret Place is a safe and sacred place where women are showered in God's love and protection. It also a place for women to learn how to hear clearly from God and establish authentic connections with like minded Secret Keepers. We will learn the proper ways to hide and we will hear from other Secret Keepers regarding what they learned in their Hidden Season. 

The second part of the movement is to train and empower women to use their secret weapon in the world and marketplace. There's something that God has called you to do in the world that can only be done by you! After this you should be ready to come out of hiding and ready to light the world with your gifts!  

This is the 6th annual women's conference hosted by Tabitha's TEA Party. The conferences are always life changing and for such a time as this. 

For nothing is hidden that will not become evident, nor anything secret that will not be known and come to light.(Luke8:17)