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1.) HIDDEN  for PREPARATION-  Many people are hidden to be prepared and equipped for the next level. This may look like getting additional education and/ or training in a particular area. 

2.) HIDDEN for TRANSITION & TRANSFORMATION- Transitioning is not the most glamorous process. Imagine the caterpillar in her cocoon. There are things that happen in that place that are not revealed to the natural eye. Likewise, as God takes you through transition to Transform you, He will protect the elements of you that are not for the natural eye. He will also reveal to yo, your NEW and TRUE identity in Him.

3.) HIDDEN for PROTECTION- Sometimes you are overlooked because God is protecting you from an unforeseen threat. 

4.) HIDDEN for HEALING- It is ok, to step back and heal. Perhaps you are healing from a breakup, offense, or physical ailment- sometimes God will pull you into a place of healing so that your gifts are not filtered through pain but through wholeness and love. 

5.) HIDDEN for TRANSFIGURATION- Transfiguration is defined as a complete change of form or appearance.When you go through a complete change it is not often revealed to everyone at that time. Nor, is it embraced by everyone at that time. When Jesus was transfigured He only took 3 disciples with Him on the mountain. They were so astonished by what had taken place they questioned if they belonged in that space. This HIDDEN place is most often associated with the statement "You've Changed".

6.) HIDDEN in SHAME-  Sometimes WE HIDE because we are ashamed of a previous sin or transgression. Shame is not the proper place to hide. We we will discuss further at the conference. 

7.) HIDDEN in INSECURITY- Many people hide when they don't feel equipped to do what they are called to do. This is also an improper place to hide. We will discuss more at the conference.

Seven Secrets

as to why you may be HIDDEN